Queens Corner

Queens Corner

Meet the Reigning Queens

The Miss Miami Broward Carnival Pageant is open to young ladies ages 5 - 25 years old. Contestants compete in five areas of competition including Introduction, Talent, Carnival Costume, Evening Wear and on Stage Question & Answer. The winner receives special awards, the official Miss Miami Broward Carnival Sash, Crown and a year of promotion and appearances. 


Miss Miami Broward Carnival Queen

Miss MBCQ Shemeka Dort


junior miss Miami Broward Carnival Queen

Junior Miss MBCQ Hailey Sanoir


Pre-Teen Miss Miami Broward carnival Queen

Pre-Teen Miss MBCQ Amaya Savery

little Miss Miami Broward Carnival Queen

Little Miss MBCQ Peytience McClendon



Celebrating 12 Years of Caribbean Pageantry