Our Programs


Our Programs

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Annual pageant

Founded in 2005 the Miss Miami Broward Carnival Pageant’s main objective was to expose the community to the talented, cultured and educated young ladies within our community. With our individual talents and the expertise of others we developed a program that allows us to enhance the lives of these young ladies.


The Miss Miami Broward Carnival Pageant holds an Annual Toy Drive to give back to the underprivileged kids in our community both locally and in Trinidad and Tobago. The toy drive is held the 2nd weekend of December.


The Miss Miami Broward Carnival Pageant primary objective is to provide the youth with training and mentoring that would assist them in becoming self-confident, rounded, well-adjusted people, aware of society and their role in it. We have structured programs tailored to the children we serve and that allows us to achieve our primary goal of youth empowerment.


It is our goal to work with schools and businesses within the community to foster relationships.